Sunday, April 26, 2009

the organized home

well i have been M.I.A. but i have one organized house to show for it. i took a break to completely gut my house (not literally), just getting rid of stuff i haven't even thought of in the past year or so. it felt good to get rid of things (i had friends come over and have at it). now i feel that i can rejoin society at least my little space on the net. since it's spring time, get the bug and de-clutter your life! remember be friendly to mother earth and recycle or free cycle! Happy cleaning!

Monday, April 6, 2009

style sparing no expense

when i think about my style, an eclectic, funky, classy style comes to mind. from neo classic to stream line contemporary. and so i give you kate spade apartment which screams eclectic, funky yet classy. i love, love her apartment. since our home is floating in a jungle of beige and neutral tones, i decided to do something funky in our downstairs coat closet.   the plan is to paint the walls kelly green, wallpapering the ceiling with a black and white stripe wallpaper.  pray for me!  this is obviously something i am just thinking about, stay tuned to see if i come to my senses....