Thursday, December 27, 2007

making a grand entrance

each so extraordinary in it's own unique way

i now pronounce you man and bed

one of our wedding gifts was a gift card to West Elm (thanks tiff). this called for a serious day of shoppping. we headed to west elm to take a gander at what they had. we came across this amazing bed (well, i love it). and what's even better, west elm keeps there warehouse at their store location (how convienent is that?), so they are always in stock.

this is a picture of the idea of how i would like the master bedroom. tone on tone (someone please explain this to my husband). once i saw the bed at West Elm, i thought it would be a perfect start and look. although the headboard goes all the way to the ceiling and it's fabulous, it was a detail i wanted to eliminate but maybe adding decorative upholstery nails.

a trip to macy's

a recent trip to macy's my husband and i came across these delicious chairs. i love em. not so much for the hubby, he continues to ask "why are you stuck in time?" i believe these babies would go fabulously anywhere as an accent piece (with the right colors and decor, of course). for my retro babies out there, check these bad boys out at macy's....

Monday, December 24, 2007

trends in dinning

it seems that every magazine i look at, the trend is dinning in comfort. Couches paired with dinning tables and chairs in elegant settings (check out House Beautiful). My husband and i have decided to custom build our own for our eat in kitchen. this will be a task for two. me supervising while he hammers away.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

spaces i am loving today

what's not to love?
i love the pasley wallpaper
i want this window. it makes this area very airy and large
okay, who wouldn't want to retreat to this bedroom every night?

Saturday, December 8, 2007

all dressed up and no where to go...

i just refuse to believe an entire year flew by... i cannot believe 2008 is right around the corner, well, nothing i can do to stop, so i better live it. my husband and i jetted out today to get a few christmas decorations and being the decorator that i am, everything had to go with everything. this was the only wreath we saw that would go with our home and our black door (honestly, i think he was just ready to go, so if i liked it, it worked for him). hope you like

Sunday, December 2, 2007

it's so hard to say goodbye

do i believe my ears?????? the december issue will be the last for house and garden....what will we do????? i don't know about you but i know that house & garden has brought me through some devastating decorating dilemmas and for that, i am thankful. but you know what they always say when one door closes another opens. my good friend B has introduced me to domino and i am loving their issues. i would peruse through the magazine while in the checkout line but never really read through it. i went over to B's house and was there for quite some time (long enough to read through the issue) and i am loving it. it's the same as lucky (also loving), except it's for desigeners vs. fashion enthusiasts. let's raise our glasses to house & garden, for paving the way......

P.S. I am loving that wreath!!!