Wednesday, October 31, 2007

this week i am in cape may, new jersey and once again i have come back to congress hall, which i have declared my new winter home. this place is amazing. i am loving the dramatic statement of the lounge area. i want this dramatic look for my living room. there is so much eye candy it will take a while to digest the beauty of it all. check out the carpet (brown zebra print), love it. i wonder if i can get away with that in my living room?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

christmas in the barn

thanksgiving is not here yet, but that doesn't stop pottery barn in showcasing their christmas collection. the great thing about this room is when christmas is over you can take down the wreath and enjoy the room year round. cheers, to pottery barn for always making it work.

Monday, October 29, 2007

welcome home

ladies and gentlemen, it's official. we are in like flynn... let's just say, this is a happy day for all

Thursday, October 25, 2007

clean and out of the way

i am always trying to find new and clutter free ways to display dish soap in the kitchen. i think this is absolutely lovely!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

fall for style

oliva star lighting (pottery barn)

my girlfriend pat and i are in love with pottery barn. everytime i walk into their store, i feel at home or i can see every item in my home. it's fall and pottery barn sure knows how to make you feel like going home, whipping up a nice winter soup and crawling under the covers to a good book. i love this oliva star lighting (above), i think it adds a spark of drama to any room. i love to decorate for every occassion, especially for the holidays or changing of the season. it gives me a fresh start and a new outlook. start yours today

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

bath time

master bath
downstairs guest bath

this week I am in philly. but have no fair i do have my spies staking the place out and word is, the house is complete, when i get back in town we will have to see if it's up to my standard, and we all know, they are quite high. when do we close you ask? your guest is as good as mine, but moving on to better conversation. let's talk bathrooms. unfortunatley my bathrooms are a bit smaller than the above pictures (candice olson inspired), so I will scale things down to fit, this is in the way future. i have had these pictures for quite some time, saving them for the perfect moment and that moment has arrived. I just love the clean lines and airy feel. after seeing these baths I was on a hunt to find all the elements that make this master piece a master piece. thank goodness for home depot expo (sorry lowes) and guess what, i found everything down to the tiolet paper. so if you are inspired, and i know you are, vist your local home depot expo and tell them tamsin sent you.....a designers work is never done!

Monday, October 8, 2007

couch potato

milao 2-piece leather chaise sectional (macy's)

we searched high and low. so we took a weekend to find the perfect something that would be just right for movie nights. since we have an average size living room we had to find an above average couch (see above), something that would work for the space and allow enough seating for our visiting family and friends, we also had to find a style that would flow with the rest of the decor (remember warm, contemporary (but comfy), traditional feel). i know the wait is killing you to see it all come together, but i promise soon you will see the finish product, as for now, enjoy the blog.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

first purchase

turner table (solid wood) (z gallerie)
dupioni silk pole pocket drape (pottery barn)
check your area for benjamin moore retailers

a couple months ago I walked into z gallerie and saw this turner table and knew this would be the dinning table of many sabbath dinners. however, i made the mistake we all so often make....."I'll think about it and come back later, or I'll wait until it's on sale." I returned only a few days later and the ultimate devastation happened, SOLD. i had to have this table (I saw my unborn kids creating art on this table, this was serious). i called stores far and wide and finally the z gallerie in estero, Florida made the creations of my little pisacco's come through. the plan for the dinning room is creating a warm but contemporary traditional feel (confused?). the plan, moroccan red on the walls (benjiman moore paints), ivory roman shades in oatmeal or Dupioni silk pocket drape in clay from pottery barn and my art craving, pisacco's lithograph. i can't wait for you to see it.....

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

spray paint?

5-light beveled glass wall lantern (lowes)

another daily trip to the house (one of my favorite things to do). for the past couple weeks, Orville and I have been going to the house at night, parking in the drive way and sitting there talking about life, dreams, and decor. For instance, the lighting fixtures, i mentioned to Orville we need to change those(front and side door), his response, "maybe we can spray paint them black." the designer's response, "baby we have to create a look from the inside out and clearly those fixtures are not going inside or out." I certainly had a solution to our dilemma, Lowes (check out the 5-light Beveled Glass Wall Lantern from lowes....loving it!). no closing for us today, it’s giving me way too much time to look at all the things i need to do and change..

first home

home is where the heart is, that's what they say, who ever they is. i plan on putting my heart into our first home and i hope you will join me on my journey of making this house a home. as soon as I close (hopefully this week, say a prayer for us), first thing is first, painting the veranda railings and steps (in the future i would like to put brick steps). for now it's off to Lowes for paint.