Sunday, December 2, 2007

it's so hard to say goodbye

do i believe my ears?????? the december issue will be the last for house and garden....what will we do????? i don't know about you but i know that house & garden has brought me through some devastating decorating dilemmas and for that, i am thankful. but you know what they always say when one door closes another opens. my good friend B has introduced me to domino and i am loving their issues. i would peruse through the magazine while in the checkout line but never really read through it. i went over to B's house and was there for quite some time (long enough to read through the issue) and i am loving it. it's the same as lucky (also loving), except it's for desigeners vs. fashion enthusiasts. let's raise our glasses to house & garden, for paving the way......

P.S. I am loving that wreath!!!

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