Friday, December 4, 2009


can you believe that today it's 55 degrees and raining, in FLORIDA? 45 minutes to the atlantic ocean! something just doesn't seem right. i guess it's time to coordinate the inside of my home with the outside. pulling out the blankets, galoshes, and put up the christmas tree.

winter decor to me is always warm, DARK, and inviting... as opposed to summer decor which should feel light, air yet still inviting. my go to guy for winter decor is always Ralph Lauren... he seems to alway capture that rich, luxurious feeling. Whether it's a feeling of lounging at a luxurious ski lodge, or a night cap at a five star hotel or restaurant. He captures this through is unique layering of rich colors and accessories.

i love switching out my home decor from winter to summer. i try to keep it simple (but Lord knows I can do things over the top sometimes), I basically switch out my window treatments, choosing a darker shade... with dark accessories.
secretly i wish my husband would paint the walls darker in winter and lighter in summer, but that would be too much, you think? :) i hope this inspires you to get the spirit of winter...

happy winter decorating...

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