Sunday, May 18, 2008

going to the mattresses

exhibit A
exhibit B
exhibit C
our home is slowly coming together. decorating your home can sometimes be a full time job. the problem is, i know exactly what i want but finding it has been the dilemma. sometimes i wish i knew how to do everthing. i have been searching for the perfect kitchen banquette. although i love exhibit A, it's not very functional for our kitchen area, but it sure is stylish. my husband and i have thought about turning our kitchen area into a little cafe (sofa, coffee table, cappaccino machine...etc) after much measuring and contemplating, we decided it's not going to work and it's time to "go to the matresses." it's time for custom made. i want the detail and look of exhibit B with the back board of exhibit C. so now i am on the search....stay tuned

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