Monday, June 2, 2008

soho style

today i was in one of those moods (i hate mondays type of mood)... so to cheer myself up, i wanted to share with you a few signature pieces that i really like. what can i say, they speak for themselves. personally, i would put all of these pieces in one room (perhaps a sitting room) and pull it all together with a splash of color. maybe a pumpkin orange, a warm apple green or an international klein blue ...i almost forgot to share the good news...our couch (view here) has arrived today and it's all i hope for, atleast until i found the above soho couch. isn't that something, when you search and search for the perfect piece and can't find it ,settling for the next best thing seems to be the next best thing and i will be darned, the perfect piece floats to surface... oh well,in the end i still have a nice beautiful couch...

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