Thursday, June 11, 2009

it's electric!

taken with my iphone

for some reason, lately i have been into lamps... setting the right mood with lighting for the right occasion... For instance, when i cook, i like to dim the lights, light a candle and listen to some good old soca or Calypso! it puts me in a calm mood and i enjoy cooking more... or if we have friends over for a dinner party, i love having only candle lights with the corners of the house glowing or dark, but if i am cozying up to a good book, i need the brightest light they make... whatever the reason, i have been seeking out lamps for every corner of my house and low and behold, i came across this little retro beauty at home goods (it wouldn't go with my house, but perhaps you have been dying for this beauty all your life)... first off, i love the color of the shades and did you know yellow is the new it color? and i extremely love the details on the base of the lamp... for twenty nine ninety nine and being that fabulous, i say you need to run to home goods now!

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