Tuesday, July 7, 2009

wood U?

my #1 choice
the very dark, is my husband's choice

it's been a while since my last post and there is no excuse for that. i have been a busy woman. i didn't realize how little time there is in the day to accomplish things. we have been so busy re-landscaping our front garden, getting our summer travels out the way, and most importantly catching our breath along the way. enough about me... our wood samples have finally arrived and i am super excited (i am over our carpeted living-room). the very top picture is my number one choice because it's warm and i love the natural looking knots. my husband likes the darker of them all and there's a story behind that. when we first started talking about wood flooring i told him i want it to be blacker than black because it was very regal and chic.... i sold him on the idea (as i always do) and he's set that he only wants the darkest... so now i have to sell him on the warm idea... good luck to me

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