Monday, May 17, 2010

don't knock it...

i have come to realize that there is more to worry about in life than deciding on what headboard to go with when redecorating my guest room... i have moved on to night stands, which by the way i found an awesome deal.... let's just say i went on a particular website and found the night stand to die for (click the word particular website to check out the site), anyhow, i had to have this night stand if it was the last thing i did... all of a sudden on a lazy sunday afternoon, i just happen to be web surfing and stumbled upon this website, yes kmart... okay don't knock it till you tried it... can you believe the similarity of the two? however, i quickly came to my senses when i realized the $215.01 difference... and guest what, i love the kmart night stand, i especially love the cane shelf below... so this weekend i am heading to anthropologie to pick out a nice vintage crystal draw knob for this beauty... and by the way, i went with the iron headboard!

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