Wednesday, July 7, 2010


i've been busy being creative and creating.... it's been a busy summer so far and we are pining away on our mystery room. I know that you are dying to see the results (patience my friend, it will all be over soon enough)... focus for a minute on the above picture... does this headboard look familiar? maybe search back about 20 years into your memory. still no clue? well this is actually a mirror from a dresser. how do i know you ask? because my mother and grandmother had that very same mirror attached to a dresser and dared to hand it down to me... i have since sanded and stained the dresser and left the mirror part in my mother's garage... but i thought it was a fabulous idea to turn it into a headboard... it really opens up the room and even thought the wood around the mirror is painted a dark color it really makes the room feel fresh. don't you think? i want that, let's pray my mother didn't have a garage sale...

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