Wednesday, October 10, 2007

bath time

master bath
downstairs guest bath

this week I am in philly. but have no fair i do have my spies staking the place out and word is, the house is complete, when i get back in town we will have to see if it's up to my standard, and we all know, they are quite high. when do we close you ask? your guest is as good as mine, but moving on to better conversation. let's talk bathrooms. unfortunatley my bathrooms are a bit smaller than the above pictures (candice olson inspired), so I will scale things down to fit, this is in the way future. i have had these pictures for quite some time, saving them for the perfect moment and that moment has arrived. I just love the clean lines and airy feel. after seeing these baths I was on a hunt to find all the elements that make this master piece a master piece. thank goodness for home depot expo (sorry lowes) and guess what, i found everything down to the tiolet paper. so if you are inspired, and i know you are, vist your local home depot expo and tell them tamsin sent you.....a designers work is never done!

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