Saturday, October 6, 2007

first purchase

turner table (solid wood) (z gallerie)
dupioni silk pole pocket drape (pottery barn)
check your area for benjamin moore retailers

a couple months ago I walked into z gallerie and saw this turner table and knew this would be the dinning table of many sabbath dinners. however, i made the mistake we all so often make....."I'll think about it and come back later, or I'll wait until it's on sale." I returned only a few days later and the ultimate devastation happened, SOLD. i had to have this table (I saw my unborn kids creating art on this table, this was serious). i called stores far and wide and finally the z gallerie in estero, Florida made the creations of my little pisacco's come through. the plan for the dinning room is creating a warm but contemporary traditional feel (confused?). the plan, moroccan red on the walls (benjiman moore paints), ivory roman shades in oatmeal or Dupioni silk pocket drape in clay from pottery barn and my art craving, pisacco's lithograph. i can't wait for you to see it.....

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