Wednesday, October 3, 2007

spray paint?

5-light beveled glass wall lantern (lowes)

another daily trip to the house (one of my favorite things to do). for the past couple weeks, Orville and I have been going to the house at night, parking in the drive way and sitting there talking about life, dreams, and decor. For instance, the lighting fixtures, i mentioned to Orville we need to change those(front and side door), his response, "maybe we can spray paint them black." the designer's response, "baby we have to create a look from the inside out and clearly those fixtures are not going inside or out." I certainly had a solution to our dilemma, Lowes (check out the 5-light Beveled Glass Wall Lantern from lowes....loving it!). no closing for us today, it’s giving me way too much time to look at all the things i need to do and change..

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