Saturday, November 1, 2008

day one

of the many items that is on my husband's to-do-list, we are finally accomplishing number 32 (not that 1 through 31 has been completed, but whose keeping track). after many discussions of building this banquette together and how fun it would be to do a project together, or taking a class at home depot to learn how to build this banquette that is in my head, we caved and threw in the towel to seek the help of a carpenter. whom did all of the wood work in the house below (including the floors).

if anyone is interested in hiring this carpenter (we will call him Jeff the carpenter) do a little handy work, contact me (he's located in the Orlando area but he is willing to travel)...

back to day one of the construction zone... I am so excited to see the finish product... stay tune for more on the banquette (and yes, I know the honey oak cabinets has to go).

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