Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fabric Frenzy

this weekend my good friend brenda and i went to calico corners to check out some material to recover a couple of my living room chairs (pictures to come soon). as soon as i walked in i felt overwhelmed. there were so many styles, colors, patterns and types of fabric to choose from. i almost cried trying to figure out what fabric i wanted (seriously). i wish i could have walked in the store having the sales lady tell me i only have one option, so take it or leave it... the bad thing is, i had a look in mind and once i got in the store i threw that look out the window... in my panic i whipped out my iphone and took pictures to email my husband to see which one he liked, but i decided i wanted it to be a surprise and that it was!
as you can see there are lots of beautiful fabric to choose from, so you can understand my frustration and my crying break down! 10 hours later the winning fabric was cut and sent off to it's happy new home.

when i first bought the chairs that i am recovering, my husband had to express how much he hated those chairs, well to my surprise, once the fabric was on the chairs my husband found it absolutely necessary to text me while i was grocery shopping that evening. his text was as follows, "forgive me, i will never question your styling and designing again. the fabric is great!!!" -------------true story!

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